On view will be a series of hand-made ceramic plates designed and made by artists Jen Gandee and Lucie Wellner. This on-going project represents a process of discovery and an appreciation for the amazing acts and deeds of women living and dead. The plates feature women who have made significant contributions to human rights, journalism, ecology, and equality. This installation opens to the public on election day, Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at the Matilida Joslyn Gage Museum in Fayetteville. Matilda Gage was fought for women's sufferage and equal rights in the late 1800's.

The featured women are paired with botanical elements which represent an aspect of their personality, culture, heritage, or their impact on society. Images are collaged from different sources, digitally manipulated, turned into a decal transfer, and applied and fired onto hand-made ceramic plates. The intention of this work is to inspire the audience to learn more about the work of women who have worked for social justice and equality.