This research opportunity will provide you with the opportunity to participate in a virtual art therapy and community arts engagement pilot program!

Seeking veteran and military caregivers to participate in a research study that explores how art therapy and community arts engagement can support positive mental health outcomes for military caregivers, and by extension the military family that they support. The purpose of this research is to explore how art therapy telehealth services may help to decreased isolation by providing opportunities for virtual community building through arts engagement. The study will support the growing need for data on the delivery of telehealth services in creative arts therapy and community arts engagement.

To be eligible to participate in the study you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Self-identify as a military family caregiver or assist a service member or veteran with at least one of the following:
    • Assist with activities of daily living
    • Help with emotional challenges
    • Advocate for better treatment
    • Assume legal or financial responsibilities on behalf of the veteran/service member
    • Assist with healthcare or medication management
    • Coordinate professional care services
  • Have access to reliable internet and have a computer, laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone.
  • Reside in the state of New York.

Participants will attend a four-month virtual arts engagement pilot program, which includes 16 weeks of art therapy open studio sessions, 7 weeks of music engagement, and 7 weeks of drama engagement. No formal experience with art making, music, or theatre is required to participate. Weekly two-hour open studio sessions facilitated by Dr. Jennifer DeLucia (LCAT) will run for the full length of the program. Those who complete the program will be invited to attend a monthly virtual open art studio.

For more information call Jennifer DeLucia at 315-396-8411 or email at