Experience Beaver Lake Nature Center in a whole different way by enjoying a leisurely paddle on your own across the lake. Explore the lake’s edge and search for beaver lodges, turtles, herons, and osprey.

Canoe Dock Schedule: 2023

Weekends only: May 13 – June 18

Daily: June 26 – Labor Day

Dock is open from 9am – 3:30pm; all boats must be off the lake by 4:30pm. The dock will also be open on the Juneteenth and Memorial Day holidays.

Canoe & Kayak Rental

$10/hour/vessel; rentals are on a first-come basis and the number of vessels is limited

Personal flotation devices are provided for all persons >30lbs. For children under 30lbs, please bring your own PFD.

Age and weight restrictions apply:

Canoes: 560lbs total; 4 people maximum

Solo Kayak: 280lb; one person only; must be at least 10 years old

Tandem Kayak: 500lb; two people only

BYOB: Bring Your Own Boat

Private kayaks and canoes are welcome on non-holiday weekdays when the canoe dock is open. Boaters must check in at the Visitor Center and vessels must be cleaned before/after use to prevent the spread of invasive species. No other water going vessels (e.g., stand up paddle boards) are permitted.

Beaver Lake Nature Center reserves the right to close the lake at any time, especially during hazardous weather. Please call the Visitor Center for current information before heading out: 315-638-2519.

Guided Tours
Explore the lake with a naturalist on a guided canoe or kayak tour, offered throughout the summer and early autumn. Check the events calendar for upcoming tours here.

Guided School Canoe Tours
Guided tours are required for school or camp groups wishing to rent canoes. Before going out on the water a naturalist will explain the basics of canoeing and canoe safety. Guided by a naturalist, the group will explore the shoreline of the lake watching for turtles and great blue herons and other exciting wildlife.
This guided tour is intended for grades 5 and up. For more information about bringing school groups to Beaver Lake Nature Center, click here.