December 4 & 11

12:00 - 3:00pm, Danial Family Education Center

Included with Admission to Festival of Trees & Light

In Yiddish the word is dreidel, in Hebrew it is sivivon and in English it is top, the center piece of the spinning game that is played during the festival of Chanukah! Anyone is welcome to participate and make their own dreidel out of clay.

The Chanukah menorah or “chanukiah" is a nine-branch candelabra that Jews use to celebrate the festival of Chanukah. Join us for this drop-in workshop where you can create a unique menorah out of clay that will be decorated with colorful glazes and baked in a kiln! Families who don’t celebrate Chanukah are welcome to create their very own candle holders.

In Judaism, “hiddur mitzvah” means that the beautification of a ritual object will enhance the celebration itself. Come enhance your Chanukah celebration by making a one-of-a-kind menorah, candle holder, or dreidel at the Everson, taught by Nancy Modlin Katz.

No pre-registration required. Visit for a full schedule of events.