People feel an undeniable attraction to Cuba after visiting even once. It’s mostly about the people—their warmth and friendliness, their art, music and culture. However, it is almost impossible to photograph or create art in Cuba without capturing the effects of the embargo.

Photographer Joe Guerriero’s photography and film work does just that, reflecting more than 20 years of spending time with the Cuban people and experiencing first hand the effects of the United States’ continuing embargo of the island. He shows how the embargo affects the lives not only of Cubans but of those Cuban-Americans who still have relatives in Cuba.

Joe has personally witnessed the great hope that the Cuban people feel about certain U.S. policy changes. He has also witnessed the current backtracking of this policy. No one yet knows where it will go or how it will affect the Cuban people.

Change IS coming from within, even if at a crawl, possibly by design, from the Cuban government. Yet —from the U.S.—antagonism still prevails, and there continues to be uncertainty for the future.

It is Joe’s hope that his work will continue to bring the awareness that is necessary to restore a normalcy to the relationship between our country and our Cuban neighbors.