For the past 9 years, Ukraine has been represented by images of conflict, destruction, and carnage, brought about by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

As a first-generation American and daughter of Ukrainian refugees, Lida Suchy draws on her background as a resource and inspiration for her creative work. For nearly 30 years she has been photographing in the Ukrainian village, Kryvorivnya, creating a composite portrait of this rural community.

In this exhibition, Lida presents us with images that can help viewers to connect with Ukraine beyond the news headlines. In her statement Lida dedicates this exhibition, “…to the people of Ukraine, all those who stand in support of a free Ukraine, and to the memory of 27-year-old Artem Dymyd, who — брав від життя все і сам був життям — ‘lived life to its fullest.’ He is one of thousands of beautiful young people giving their lives to defend their country and our freedom.”