A concert of music by Flannery Cunningham (b. 1991), Anthony R. Green (b. 1984), guest composer, and Stacy Garrop (b. 1969) performed by SOCIETY PLAYERS. Part of SYRACUSE SYMPOSIUM's series on REPAIR. Cunningham's "I told you" 2019 expresses a coming to existential awareness of one's own mortality; Garrop's "Glorious Mahalia" 2017 incorporates the actual voices of Mahalia Jackson & Studs Terkel (renowned Chicago journalist & interviewer) from a radio broadcast in 1963 which sought to address and 'repair' the black/white divide; plus 3 works by Anthony R. Green - his "Collide-oscope IV," "Hush of Nightfall", 2021, and the WORLD PREMIERE of ". . . chiamo la Morte," 2023 which 're-images' Dante in a modern context through the filter of a contemporary Black composer.