Cabeza en las nubes, directly translated as ‘head in the clouds’, is a body of work that spans a decade of dreamscapes that have been born from liberatory struggle and creative release. Rommy, a queer trans migrant who navigated the world as undocumented until 2018, has been collaborating with communities at the forefront of liberation movements since 2012. As a trans storyteller who lives at the intersections of these identities, they have committed to constantly dreaming and reimagining a refuge of futures where migrant, queer trans communities can live in joy and safety– with access to affordable housing, stable income and nourishing networks of care. From immigration, to incarceration, to education, the images in this collection explore a range of issues that are impacting trans communities.

Intentionally released in November, Cabeza en las nubes exists as a tribute to this year’s Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20)– as a way to honor, uplift and center trans lives and their celestial futures. In the midst of the flurry of anti-trans policies and the many violent realities trans folks have been facing and continue to face, it is Rommy’s hope that their work underscores that the time to celebrate the dreams and visions of tender and thriving futures where queer, trans migrants can show up in all their glory is now.